Garden Zinnias in Bud Vases

The other day, we spent a few minutes picking some zinnias out of our garden. We planted a handful of them earlier in the season, and after pinching them (a way of pruning them early for more flower growth), they have grown so many flowers already. I picked about a dozen, with the help of … Continue reading Garden Zinnias in Bud Vases

The Greatest Party (Pt. 3)

Here we go...the last of the exciting details that went into our girl’s 4th birthday! If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2, there are plenty of details in those posts as well. However, this blog post has my favorite details of the whole night - her costume and the dessert table! I knew … Continue reading The Greatest Party (Pt. 3)

The Greatest Party (Pt. 2)

I have an extreme love for planning out all of the details that come with planning & designing an event. This started in college when I wanted to get into wedding planning and even took an Event Planning class (one of my favorite courses in college). Then, I started helping with other events, including a … Continue reading The Greatest Party (Pt. 2)

The Greatest Party (Pt. 1)

I am so excited to be writing this post, after about a month and a half of planning a Greatest Showman birthday party for our daughter - she loves the music from the movie and we listen to the soundtrack almost every day! 🤪 Complete with singing at the top of our lungs and dancing … Continue reading The Greatest Party (Pt. 1)

Bringing the outside in

I have always loved having flowers or some sort of nature join us inside our home! There is nothing better than fresh clippings of whatever you can get your hands on. In our yard, we have an area that grows bamboo nandina plants. They had to have been planted before we called this house ours, … Continue reading Bringing the outside in

Homemade Apricot Jam

Apricot season is a family-favorite time of year. Has been as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I remember being in my grandparents' front yard, picking apricots from their 10-15 trees out front of their home. And probably eating too many right off the tree. And then my parents planted a whole … Continue reading Homemade Apricot Jam

Freebie: Garden Printable

In the midst of everything we’ve been experiencing in the past few months, I know we are all longing for the positive, good news, and the uplifting and happy. For our family, some of that has caused the start of a garden. It’s been a way to take our eyes and ears off of the … Continue reading Freebie: Garden Printable

Our Quiet Easter

Yesterday turned out to be a simple, quiet, and lovely Easter for the three of us at home. We had a simple day, eating a nice pancake breakfast, watching church, and going for a walk. Apart from that, we really hadn’t made any other plans. I have never spent an Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas not … Continue reading Our Quiet Easter

Christmas Dining Room

KHey y'all! Wow, it's been a full week of projects! But one of the things that makes me smile in the midst of the crazy, is our Christmas decor everywhere. I kept our dining room simple, but love the details in the little things. And this deer picture has made the space just a little … Continue reading Christmas Dining Room

Cozy & Festive Bedroom

Every year, Christmas starts going up at our house on November 1st. But one of the spaces I wanted to spend some time making a little more cozy was our master bedroom. Adding some twinkle lights, garland, a wreath, and cozy pillows and a throw changed the space enough to make it so cozy for … Continue reading Cozy & Festive Bedroom