A few things I’m loving lately…

Hey friends! It’s been a busy week with the start of Preschool-Homeschool, but we have loved each and every minute of it so far. I’m getting to see our little one try to learn in new ways and she’s loving the creative times the most, which has been fun to explore and expand on, but I’ve always known she’s going to have a fun, creative, artistic side.

In the midst of this fun week, I wanted to share some things I’ve been loving lately. I own all of these items and use them regularly – from home goods, to clothing and accessories, and so on.

1. Dear Mama book by Well Watered Women. It’s written devotional-style with about 1-page subjects that pertain to the mom-life, but really any life. It’s beautifully written, full of truth, and a lovely quick read for small moments when you can take in a chapter book.

2. All of the Pathos plants. I bought mine at Lowe’s, but I love having these everywhere. They are so easy to care for and probably my top recommendation plant for anyone. You can find them anywhere that sells plants.

3. Hearth & Hand utensil crock. This holder/vase is beautiful and has a simple, farmhouse feel to it. The two-tone design makes it seem like it was handmade years ago and the neutrals work well in any kitchen. I think it would serve well as a beautiful wide vase as well.

4. Style & Co curvy-skinny jeans. These are the jeans I wear on a regular basis. If you have any curves whatsoever, you should try these jeans. Style & Co and the only jeans brand I will wear because I absolutely love the fit and have never found another brand that compares. And you can order short, regular, or tall (the tall sizes are perfect for me – I have no torso and longer legs). My favorite color is “wave” and black.

5. Fossil Sydney Satchel. I love this purse! This purse was a sweet gift from my sweet mama for my birthday and I love it! I wanted something smaller than I’ve had in the past, and I love the very structured look of it. In the last ten years I’ve only owned brown-leather Fossil purses (except one cheap purse from Target, which was regretted about two weeks after buying when it started falling apart). So, I will continue my Fossil obsession with this lovely purse that I use each and every day.

6. Cultivate What Matters Homeschool Planner. If you homeschool, you should look into this homeschool planner. I love this!! There is so much thought and intentionality that goes into this planner. I use it as a basic outline, and then fill in and add pages I need to fill out our curriculum for the school year. You can print what you want, not feel any obligation to what you don’t, and it helps you think through some of the deeper thoughts behind your purpose of homeschooling and your goals for the year or month, etc.

7. Antique Candle Company’s Sage & Citrus candle. This candle smells amazing. If I could only recommend one candle from Antique Candle Co., this is is!! And it fits with any season and burning at the recommended 2-hr burn time, it will last me a while. 🙂

8. Pilot Juice .38 Pens. This is my absolute favorite pen! I found these pens over five years ago when I worked as an office assistant, and became quite a pen-snob with these. They write so smoothly and I love the ultra-fine tip. And even though the tip is the same size as some other ultra-fine pens, they seem to write finer than others. I buy them on Amazon and a pack of 12 will last me all year, sometimes longer!

9. Universal Thread woven mules. These shoes are lovely, and comfortable, and they go with every season, and go with everything! And they are so affordable!! Need I say more?!? I love these and I think I’ve worn them every day since I bought them two weeks ago. I might need to go buy a backup pair for when they get too worn.

10. A New Day fitted basic t-shirt. This shirt is so perfectly stretchy and flattering. I love keeping it simple to dress it down, or layer it to dress it up.

What is an item you recommend to everyone? Or something you think I should try? Comment with your thoughts.


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